'The Super F*cking Awesome Fitness Program' 
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"The Super
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Fitness Program"
Samantha Fox Olson!
This online program begins with understanding your true value, where your power really comes from, how to manifest what you want (including your rocking body), creating powerful intentions, and playfully and skillfully moving your body to get you RESULTS.
In This Online Program, I share with you my secrets to how you will...
  • Get Your Mind Right: Flush out that negativity between those ears!
  •  Get A Rockin' Body: You only need to decide to get started...then DO IT!
  • Get More Energy: Your body, in motion, produces SO MUCH POWER!
  • Love Yourself: Not because you look sexy, but because you finally DID IT!!!
"Fitness is not a chore or obligation to me...
...this is pure love!"
~ Samantha ~
"The Super F*ckking Awesome Fitness Program"
Everything you need to shred the fat, build sexy strength,
get fit AF, and love yo’self! All in as little time as it would take you  to get dressed and get to the gym and back! 

We’re gonna fire your inner critic, 
stop the self-sabotage, 
and get you  out of your draining 
fitness funk once and for all! 
“The Super Fcking Awesome Fitness Program” 
is a 28-day, life-altering program
(of which you will have life-time access to)
  • Transform your body into a sexy-fit, fat blasting inferno with short, effective workouts that bring RESULTS! 
  • ​Build strength from head to toe because strong is sexy and strong feels confident. Boom!
  • Shape your mind into a results-driven (NOT excuse-riddled),
    positive rockstar. 
  • Open your heart to greater levels of self love and gratitude!
  • ​Get you CONSISTENT in your fitness routine. You will LOVE these
    home-workouts! You will LOVE getting stronger each week.
  • ​Have you CRAVING your next workout. 
More Zen
Less Struggle
Here is what Your SFA-FITNESS-Program is made of:

6 workout videos that will move and transform you from                    inside out throughout our 4 weeks  together 
      (although you do have life-time access to the entire                        program)! Each video is under 35 minutes in length,                      offering you the most time efficient and inspiring                              workouts you have ever experienced. 

Each video has both beginner and advanced variations to                  follow along with, making this  program super fcking                        awesome for anyone to rock a crazy effective workout                    and progress in performance as the weeks flow. 

A weekly workout plan so you know exactly how to sequence            and schedule your week to  maximize your every effort. 
      Each day is designed to meet you where you are at. Each 
      week is set up to support you in progressing into greater                strength, stamina and enthusiasm.

This strategically sound fitness program brings scientifically              proven protocols into practice to  support you in burning the            maximum amount of fat in the smallest amount of time!!! 
      Stop training like an amateur and start getting some serious          results!!! 

Each workout uses skillful selected exercises to help you sculpt,        shape, strengthen and lean  out from head to toe! You won’t          want to waste your time in other exercise programs 

Optimal alignment principles are woven into each workout,                helping you gain access to greater  skill and power than you          ever knew you had in you!

Mindset elevation is woven into these workout videos,                        encouraging you to train not only your  body, but also your            mind!

Each workout is fully guided with strategic warm ups and cool            downs so you are not being left  hanging in the dark and your        body is fully supported all the way through. This is super 
      f*cking important for injury prevention and recovery.
You Are One Workout Away From Kick-Starting Your New Perspective, Mind Set &
What Do YOU Think of
The Super F*cking Awesome
Fitness Program?
Feeling Sexy!!!
“In just one week of training with 
Samantha, I am amazed at the results 
in my body. 

I look in the mirror and all I can see is 
SEXY and I feel amazing!"
...this is pure love!"
Vanessa Simpkins
I want to sincerely thank you...
"Throughout the last several months I have been there working out with
you every day, reading, following, listening. I have not missed more
than two days of working out since Sept.

I commonly complained prior to working out with you that my
back & wrists hurt & that it was something that I figured I would just
live with. I no longer have those aches and pains.

It seems crazy to say this, honestly I am a pretty tough girl, your
program has brighten my life in every aspect and I am not only
physically stronger, but mentally as well.

I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing
me to be a part of your group and helping me grow in so many ways."
...this is pure love!"
Ashley A. Myers
"Samantha, Thanks to your online program,  I am in the best  shape I have ever been in... 

...and I turn 40 this year!”
...this is pure love!"
Dana Dupont
...this is pure love!"
More Love, Less  Obligation.
Move Because You Love To,
Not Because You Have To.
My jeans fit again...
"Before Samantha’s online program I was feeling frustrated and disappointed in my body. 
Nothing was working. 

But after just 18 days on her online program, I lost 8 
pounds!!! My jeans fit again and during the 18 days, I followed her program to the T, and even got to enjoy pizza, bacon cheeseburger, fries, ice cream and birthday cake. 

I am amazed! I have learned so much and feel like I can do this lifestyle for the long haul."
Gigi Moser
I feel like I could do anything...
"Last night my husband gave me a massage, I was so sore and it felt sooooo good. I mention it because he could not believe how much my body has changed in the last 8 weeks. 

I told him I can feel the difference in my body just walking around. I have gone from someone who thought they hated physical exercise to someone who craves the next work out and looks forward to sweating and being out of breath. 

I feel like I could do anything! The fear is there less and less in my life. Not only do we get to challenge ourselves physically, but we have an opportunity to reflect, attempt to break old patterns, and see a new way through challenges."
Xochitl Garcia
I feel excited to keep going...
“Before Samantha’s program I was trying other exercise classes but my body was not responding in a way that made me happy. 

After 4 weeks of being in Samantha program (only putting in 60 min. total time per week) though I started to see results in the tone of butt and legs and now I feel excited to keep going. 

I highly recommend Samantha’s program for anyone who 
has felt stuck and are ready to see results!”
Crystal Jefferson
That is a true gift...
"Samantha working out with you is a whole new experience of just drenching the body with love no matter what exercise, which then carries on for the rest of the day. 

Samantha, you help me marry my soul with my body... that’s the best was to describe it! 

That is a true gift "
Charan Surdhar
More Love, Less  Obligation.
Move Because You Love To,
Not Because You Have To.
"The Super F*cking Awesome Fitness Program"
Get Instant Access To These 
7 Instructional Videos
Total Value: $347 
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Here's what others have to say about Samantha's... 
 'Super F*cking Awesome 
Fitness Program' 

What people are saying about 
Samantha's program on
"Amazing opportunity 
and experience."
Reviewed by Tammy B.
Reviewed by Zaynep A.
Reviewed by Mahsheed B.

"Thanks Samantha Fox Olson for helping me achieve an ass I never thought I could have! I turned 46 today and I feel great. I wore a bikini to the lodge hot tub last night (hubby took me to timberline for an overnight getaway) and I felt confident and sexy.  Thanks Samantha Fox Olson for helping me achieve an ass I never thought I could have! More importantly I felt strong on the slopes today. Felt great. Xoxo"
~ Kari Morin
"You offer the best workouts I have ever done in my whole life!! Your class is so much more than just exercise for the body, what you give to us strengthens the spirit and soul as well. I am feeling on a workout high all day today! Thank you~ thank you~ thank you."
~ Jill Cypert
"Samantha's online yoga and fitness videos have helped
me in so many ways! Previous to becoming a member I never committed myself to fitness like this before. 

I would try different things, but none of them ever held my interest or kept me inspired.
But since using Samantha videos, that has completely
changed for me. Her unique approach to fitness is
contagious and it is shaping my body, my mind and my
I have seen so many changes in my body and so have
my friends. My legs and butt are more toned which has
never happened before.
Also, the way I deal with things in my life has been
positively influenced because of the encouraging attitude
and life-affirming messages Samantha puts into every
yoga and fitness class. My flexibility has improved which
has helped my dancing tremendously.
Overall I feel healthier AND happier. I highly recommend
anyone who does not love working out or stretching to try
Samantha's course and see what it can do for your body
and life too."
~ Jericho Rell
This Super F*cking Awesome 
Fitness Program
is An Online Program, Only Offered for a 
Super Freaking Limited Time! 
BUT WAIT!! There's More...
"The Super F*cking Awesome 
I always incentivize a fast action-taker with massive bonuses!
Which means if this is a HELL YES, 
and you register before my one time offer expires,
you will receive in all of the 
Super F*cking Awesome 


I do this because I myself LOVE being in the 
I love working with bad-asses who
want fast-lane results too!
These bonuses are designed to help you 
MAXIMIZE your results AND have 
crazy fun while  doing so!!! 
Are you ready for this?

F*ck yes, you are! Check this out....
Bonus Lesson #1 (Value $50)
YOUR MINDSET leads you either to: 

•SUCCESS or Sabotage. 
•Taking the LEAP, 
(or standing on the edge in fear,
watching your 'epic life' pass you by).

Up until NOW I have only shared this entire series of mindset hacks with my VIP GROUP PROGRAM clients.

On your fitness journey, your mindset will either make every effort feel exhausting and nearly impossible OR it will help you joyfully create the body of your wildest dreams.

Which are you gonna choose?

These 3 videos are a MUST for anyone who wants to get the ABSolute most our of every single workout.

STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND ENERGY by falling prey to these sneaky mind trap mistakes I share here.

I can guarantee no trainer has ever shared these hacks with you before. And once you apply them, you will be UNSTOPPABLE!!! (Yes, you can do a bootie shaking happy dance).

These are the 3 mindset hacks you MUST know if you want to maximize your results in EVERY SINGLE workout. (Just like my VIP clients do).
3 Additional Videos
  • 1.  Dealing With The Whining Brat In Fitness And Life
  • 2.  Imma Stop When I'm DONE
  • 3.  Are You Distracting Yourself From Reaching Your Potential In Your Workouts By Doing This Too? P.S. So many people do this and don't even know it!!!
Bonus Lesson #2 (Value $60)
3 guided meditations all created to help you love yourself and your body unconditionally.
Here is the truth, you can have the flattest belly and hottest body on the planet, but if you don’t have this piece, UNCONDITIONAL SELF LOVE, you will NEVER ENJOY it.
How sad is that? To finally get the body you have always desired, only to find out you are still not happy.

And you know what, if you haven’t gotten rid of the self-sabotage of not fully loving yourself, most likely you will wind up right back to gaining the weight and yo-yo-ing like a mad woman.

Together, we are NOT going to let that happen sister!
I am going to show you the vibration of loving yourself so fully, right NOW, that you more effortlessly melt away the fat, increase your confidence and skyrocket your inner peace.

And THAT becomes your new normal!

Finally, no more worries about the insanity of rollercoaster weight loss and fat gain due to the inner turmoil of self-talk that rips you apart and leaves you feeling undeserving and incapable.

These meditations were designed to support you in putting a HALT to the endless self-criticism, mean self talk and heavy body judgement that is making you feel not good enough.

This bonus is all about bringing in the light and the love, so that you can create all you desire with greater ease, joy and of course LOVE.

Raising your vibration with this bundle is going to make burning fat and getting fit so much more fun!
3 Additional Videos
  • 1. Loving Ourselves
  • This 15 minute meditation uses ho'oponopono to saturate our cells and fibers with "I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you."
  • 2. Belly LOVE Savasana Meditation
  • This 20 minute meditation explores deep love for our belly. It is soooo yummy and transformational!
  • 3. Meditation: Unconditional Love For Our Body Right Now
  • This 16 minute meditation is done lying on our backs or in supra baddha konasana (supine butterfly pose).
Bonus Lesson #3 (Value $117)
Nutrition & Lifestyle Training for a Fit, Lean Body That Transforms Like A Mo’Fo!!! 
This is where I am going to give you my full-blown BODY, BRILLIANCE EXPERTISE and get your transformation happening FAST! (Because I don’t know about you, but I hate the slow lane).
This video training is da SECRET SAUCE baby!

How often have you worked out and NOT seen any freaking results? Have you wondered why? Have you blamed and shamed your body and even somewhere deep down inside you were left feeling like your body was just doomed to be, well…. fluffy, sluggish and average at best?

No more! That’s ending right here. With this program now!!
As you apply the SIMPLE strategy in this training video, you are gonna start to TURN HEADS! Because your results are going to SHOW UP!

Here’s the thing…

Most people don’t know that their pre and post workout nutrition is either sabotaging their efforts or shaping them immediately lean and fit. And this is NOT about deprivation!

Imma say that again…. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN DEPRIVATION!!!
What I have found in all my years of training clients online is that 99% of my VIP clients have NO IDEA about how to EAT (especially Pre and Post Workout) to get the body they so badly desired!!!  
The Basic Nutrition Video
1 Game-Changing Checklist
This training will support your sexy physique, muscle recovery and help you increase your energy! The info in this video is a MUST for anyone serious about having a body that looks and feels AMAZING AF at any age!!!
This training has only been available to my VIP online clients up until NOW. Don’t miss out on this crazy awesome bonus if you like the fast lane too.

“My Fitness Comeback Checklist”

Finally, I am also sharing the exact checklist I have used for myself to keep my daily habits consistent with the deepest desire to enjoy a fit, lean and strong body.

This checklist will help you celebrate all that you’re already choosing that’s in alignment with your goals, help you see where you can make simple improvements, increase your awareness without judgement, and increases your accountability!
Better Than Valium.
Cheaper Than Therapy.
*Side Effects Include: A Super Freaking Awesome, Sexy Fit Body.
Let Me Show You Everthing You Get 
When You Order Right Now...
"My Super F*cking Awesome 
Fitness Program"
  • ​My Super F*cking Awesome Fitness Program: 5 Training Videos + 2 Bonus Videos ($120 Value)
  • ​Megga-Maximizing Mindset Series: 3 Training Videos ($50 Value)
  • ​“The Love Yo-Self” Guided Meditation Bundle: 3 Training Videos ($60 Value)
  •  Nutrition & Lifestyle Training: 2 Videos + 1 Checklist ($117 Value)
Get Instant Access To All 15 Instructional Videos
Your Nutrition & Lifestyle Checklist
Total Value: $347 
Get Started Today For Only
Don't Wait! Act Now!
"It's Super Fcking Awesome How Easy It Is To Transform Your Life...
All You Must Do Is Take The Next Step!
And we are going to take it TOGETHER!"

~ Samantha ~
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